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Looking for a welder in the Netherlands (minimum experience accepted)


The Netherlands

Job description

– Work in the production facilities of an international automotive parts manufacturer;
– Do a simple welding work (MIG MAG or TIG), welding of exhaust systems (new mufflers);
– Work in shifts (1 week mornings, 1 week afternoons, 1 week nights);
– Usual working week of 40 hrs.


– Average knowledge of English or German (at least A2B1 level);
– Minimum experience in welding is a must;
– Welding certificates are not required.

The company offers

– The employer, a Dutch company, will take care of You and arrange all the necessary documents for legal work in the Netherlands;
– A long-term Dutch contract with all the country’s social guarantees;
– Salary paid weekly by bank transfer to your bank account;
– Salary after taxes is approx. 2100 €/month for MIG MAG welder, 2440-2520 €/month for TIG welder;
– Free accommodation close to work (one person per room) will be provided;
– Transport to/from work.

Salary 2100 € - 2520 € (netto)
Valid until 2023-03-31
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